European Pocket Billiard Federation

The Project Organisator

The European Body for pocket billiards. Currently responsible for 37 members.
The European Pocket Billiard Federation – the organization that gathers all national Pool-Billiard associations in Europe.
The EPBF is neutral with regards to politics and confessions, and have the following goals:

to support the development of all Pool Billiard disciplines
to worldwide represent the European sport of Pool Billiard
to support the Youth
to reunite national Pool Billiard Unions and to support their efforts
to spread the sport of Pool Billiard
to determine uniform rules and regulations for the realisation of the Pool Billiard sport in Europe
to arrange the education of coaches and referees
to approve and assign international tournaments
to create regulations for the realisation of European Championships
and to assign the organisation of European Championships

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