The Mulier Institute was founded in 2002 and is the only independent, non-profit, scientific sport-research institute in the Netherlands. As such, it is engaged in fundamental, practicefocused and policy relevant social-scientific sport research. It monitors the developments within the Dutch sports sector. It builds its own databases and trend series to this end, in
close cooperation with academic and professional universities both in the Netherlands and abroad as well as with other research organisations and statistical administrative bodies,
such as CBS Statistics Netherlands and Eurostat.
The institute aspires to enhance the quality of sport research and sport policy in the Netherlands. It therefore advocates the appointment of sports professors, and organises
conferences and symposiums, such as the annual Sport Research Day (DSO). The Mulier Institute is a prominent member of many national and international research communities,
including Measure, EASS and ISSA.
The institute has the legal form of a foundation. It is a non-profit organisation. The Mulier Institute employs 35+ staff members, mostly researchers with a background in social