SmartPoolМath with Pool or Pool with Math? – The answer is SmartPoolSmartPool

Тhe Dynamic Mathematics in Education conference is an annual held at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. It brings together researchers, educators, in-service teachers in mathematics, IT, informatics, policy makers and even students (presenting with their teachers as a research team), parents. On 11th of February, the 11th issue of this conference, the Bulgarian team of SmartPool delivered a talk about the project followed by a workshop during which the pool specialists Georgi Bozhkov and Radolsav Milkovdemonstrated the connection between the math problems (discussed by Toni Chehlarova and Jenny Sendova) and the real pool. (In fact, almost real, since the table is smaller but still very good for educational purposes. Teachers and students alike followed the masters with real enthusiasm. The classroom of the Institute of mathematics and informatics, specially equipped for professional development of STEM teachers, got a great gift, and all the participants ‒ a real motivation for further SmartPool sessions.

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