Attractive learning methods for youth generation

To achieve the main objective, we propose to:
• develop educational programs that are qualified to implement on schools in the different participating countries;
• develop an adequate course and e-learning module to educate SmartPool instructors and to train math teachers;
• research the feasibility and impact of SmartPool among students, teachers and other relevant stakeholders;
• Enable exchange of experience between math teachers at a European level;
• Promote and disseminate SmartPool throughout Europe.

Primary target groups

• Secondary education students (9 – 15 years)
• Mathematics teachers of secondary education

Intermediate target groups

• Schools
• Pool billiard federations and clubs
• Policymakers in the field of mathematics and sports


• SmartPool to be implemented in at least five EU countries, through pilot projects at least 8 secondary school in each country.
• The development of an intervention, curricula and lessons materials, adapted to the situation in each participating country.
• To support students in an innovative and attractive way in acquiring knowledge and competences in the field of mathematics. SmartPool also is a social tool to solve problems together and student acquire cooperation skills.
• To support mathematics teachers in achieving learning goals. The atmosphere at school improves and lessons are made easier and/or more understandable.
• To develop cooperation between secondary schools and pool billiard federations.
• The implementation of pilot projects on secondary schools throughout Europe.

And as the second goal of promoting sport in general, and specific pool billiard, among children (age 9-15 years) through the use of precision sport Pool billiards to stimulate children’s competences. Arithmetic insight, analytical and strategic thinking, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination.

Expected results

Introducing SmartPool in several EU countries will lead to the following changes:
• The intervention and curriculum are online available and for free throughout Europe;
• The math class becomes more attractive for both teachers and schoolchildren;
• Children get acquainted with the precision sport pool billiard at school;
• Cooperation between sports federations and schools has been established in the participating countries;
• A minimum of 15 Pool billiard trainers are trained as SmartPool instructors;
• At least 40 secondary schools have implemented the lesson program;
• At least 40 math teachers are instructed in working with the SmartPool curriculum;
• At least 1500 students (5 countries, 40 schools, 2 classes) have followed the lesson program;
• Minimum 350 students participated in a SmartPool Cup;
• The effectiveness and quality of the SmartPool project has been investigated and the satisfaction of students, teachers and stakeholders has been mapped;
• website has been published;
• A Steering Committee (European level) and a SmartPool Council is established in each participating country;
• The target groups, such as teachers, management of schools and policy makers know SmartPool and are aware of the possibilities of using SmartPool in schools.