Research from 2019

In 2018, the KNBB implemented the Smartpool program in 38 schools in the Netherlands. The Mulier Institute evaluated (1) the use of the pool tables in combination with the Smartpool lesson packet and (2) the teachers’ and students’ satisfaction with Smartpool. The outcomes are summarized below. The full report is only available in Dutch.

How did schools implement the Smartpool program?
Nine out of ten schools that received mobile, foldable pool tables, used these tables during teaching hours. In more than half of the schools, the pool tables were used by the students outside the teaching hours. The Smartpool lesson packet was only used during teaching hours. On average, students used the pool tables and the Smartpool lesson packet at school for two teaching hours.
Satisfaction with Smartpool Teachers saw the value of the pool tables and the Smartpool lesson packet for achieving the educational goals of math classes, improving the atmosphere at school, and promoting pool among students. Furthermore, almost all students indicated that they enjoyed using the mobile, foldable, pool tables that were placed at their school and that the Smartpool lesson packet made the math lessons more fun. In addition, two-thirds of the students enjoyed doing the exercises from the Smartpool lesson packet. However, part of both teachers and students found the assignments from the Smartpool lesson packet difficult.
Overall, both teachers and students were very positive about Smartpool but there was still room for improvement. As a result of this research, the KNBB adapted Smartpool and translated the adapted version into English. This version is now being piloted in the Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, Finland, and Cyprus and will be evaluated by the Mulier Institute in 2022-2023.